How to use essential oils to reduce stress

How to use essential oils to reduce stress

If you’re a fan of essential oils, you’re probably aware that you can use them to improve your beauty and health in a variety of ways. Essential oils can be used to relieve a headache or nausea, as well as for dental care, pain reduction, skin care, hair care, digestion, and other purposes. However, one of the most popular applications of essential oils is for stress relief. Most of all essential oils can be used in stress-relieving treatments. That is why essential oils are available in all spa centers throughout the world.. You can also use essential oils at home to reduce stress.

1. Bathing and showering with essential oils

Simply drop a few drops of your favorite essential oils into the bath tub or on the shower floor. It’s a simple technique to allow essential oils to have an effect on your body while you’re bathing or showering. Your entire body will be immersed in essential oil steam, which will help you relax.

2. Having essential oils with you

Carry a scarf or handkerchief with a few drops of your favorite essential oils on it. If you don’t have a scarf, keep a cotton pad in your pocket or tuck it into your bra with a few drops of essential oil… The oil’s aroma will keep you feeling fresh and relaxed throughout the day. That’s not to mention the fact that it’s a terrific way to get others to compliment you on how nice you smell while you’re around. It will undoubtedly assist to calm your nerves and make you feel more relaxed during the day.

3. Using an essential oil burner or diffuser in your room

You may have heard about how an essential oil diffuser could make you feel relax. If you have not tried it, you can start to think about it now. If not using a diffuser? No problem. It is not expensive to invest in a traditional oil burner which you can use a candle under to diffuse essential oil into your room. The effects it can bring is great. Use it especially when you are stressed. Only around 20-25 drops of your selective essential oil in the diffuser/ oil burner is enough for you to feel absolutely comfortable after a short while.

4. Using essential oil for massage

Before applying, combine multiple types of your favorite essential oils together to enhance the effects. Add a few drops of essential oil into your palms and rub your palms together. Apply to the neck, arms, and entire body. Gently massage the area. Essential oils’ aroma will gradually make you feel comfortable and relaxed…
Using one of the four methods mentioned above, you will feel more relaxed not only physically but also mentally. I f you’ve been working long hours, are fatigued, or stuck with worries,  both your body and mind need resting. Prepare to be amazed at how quickly essential oils can help restore your calmness.