How to make cheese bread

How to make cheese bread

Cheese bread or cheese-cream filled bread is tasty bread that can fascinate any foodies. The bread is a combination of a soft bread loaf and the creamy filling made from cream cheese, egg, milk, and cheese.

I am making this video to guide you how to make it in a simple way. I know many people in Vietnam would love to top it with ruốc instead of cheese so you can replace the topping cheese shreds with ruốc (dried meat shreds) if you like.

Total: 1h30′
Active: 35′
Skill level: medium



2 eggs

50 cream cheese

50 gr cheese (can use cheddar or mozzarella)

35 gr sugar

250 ml milk.

vanilla or rum extract (not mandatory but recommended)

Bread dough:


100 ml water

25 gr flour

1 tsp sugar

Main dough: 

300 gr flour

1 egg

35 gr sugar

Warm tangzhong mixture

10 gr fresh yeast or 6 gr dry yeast

35 gr butter