How to make coconut jelly

How to make coconut jelly

When you visit Vietnam in summer, especially in the south, you will see many vendors going around cities to sell coconut jelly contained in coconut shells- a great summer treat loved by both the local and tourists. The vendors usually put the coconut shells in ice styrofoam boxes to keep it cold so when you eat it, you can feel the cold and sweet taste, both, running through your throat, gradually into your whole body and make you feel totally enjoy and relax. Feel it now?

However, before being there to taste the local coconut jelly, you can learn to make it at home with the recipe below.


800ml coconut juice
85 ml coconut milk
15 gr gelatin powder or 5 gelatin sheets
70 gr sugar


1 cooking pot

1 small bowl

1 Whisk


– Mix the sugar and coconut juice in a cooking pot.
– Cook over medium heat. Stir well for all the sugar to dissolve into the juice.
– Bring the juice to simmer and turn off the heat.
– Add in gelatin. Stir well.
– Pour 700 ml of the above coconut juice into glasses. Wait until they are cool to put into the fridge to make them cuddled.
– Combine coconut milk and the rest of the coconut juice. Stir well and cook over medium heat for 1 minutes.
– Let it cool at room temperature and then pour it over on the coconut jelly.
– Put the jelly back into the fridge for 1 more hour.
– Serve!

Result expectations

It should be soft but not runny, tastes sweet and very cool.